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Container Development Ltd.


Container Manufacturing Ltd.

Leaders in Container Manufacturing Technologies

CDL  (Container Development LTD) was formed in 2004 with the goal of developing a new generation, lightweight beverage end for the container industry.

1. Minimum of 10% reduction of aluminum

2. Utilization of conventional double seaming technology

3. Maximize center panel diameter

4. Match or exceed conventional end performance

5. Avoid radical different look to consumers

CDL is primarily a technology holding company for the licensing of CDL technology to the container manufacturers world wide.

CML  (Container Manufacturing LTD) is a separate company established for the purpose of providing the equipment and tooling support for the production of the CDL beverage ends.

The tooling design and simplicity of operation is a key feature of the CDL technology.  Most existing end making equipment can be retooled to produce CDL ends.

Retool kits for single action “Formatec” and double action “Redicon” shell making systems are designed and readily available.

New high speed shell systems from CML are available in narrow and wide coil configurations.  Narrow systems run up to 650 strokes per minute and wide systems up to 400 strokes per minute.